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Thuringian Culture

The Thüringer Wald is a Region, where impressive nature, culture, hospitality and recreation are  pleasantly combined.

In the past, Thuringia used to be the craddle of  German culture. Big names adorn the history of Thuringia.
• Maarten Luther, who translated the New Testament of the Bible into German in the  Wartburg near Eisenach;
• Wolfgang von Goethe, the great statesman of Weimar and Ilmenau, poet and author of great works of German Romanticism;
• Johan Sebastiaan Bach, the Composer Born in Eisenach, office in Arnstad, Weimar and Leipzig, creator of masterpieces like the Matthew Passion.
Thurangia has much to offer to those who are interested in German culture and history.

The immidiate vicinity of Langenbach also offers culture lovers many interesting excursions: the Naturtheater Steinbach-Langenbach, the castle Bertoldsburg, Kloster Veßra, the theatre town of Meiningen, or Goethe's tracks between Ilmenau and Stutzerbach.

Langenbach is also an excellent starting point for a daytrip to cultural highlights as Erfurt, Arnstadt, Weimar or Gotha. Or combine your stay with a visit to one of the interesting cities like Jena, Leipzig or Dresden.ook een uitstekend uitgangspunt voor een stedentrip van een dag naar culturele highlights als Arnstadt, Ilmenau, Weimar, Gotha en Erfurt.

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