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Guest Services

Landferienhaus Linde is officially certified as 'Wanderhotel', by the board of the Thüringer Tourismus GmbH (TTG).

We like to help our guests with:
• personal consults to their hiking and tracking wishes
• sale of hiking- and topographical maps of our environment
• a lot of homemade hikes with route maps and descriptions
• rent GPS devices and provide GPS tracks and waypoints
• guided tours for small groups from 4 to 10 people (approx.)
• transfer to the start or from the end of a long distance walk
• literature on the flora and fauna of the Thuringian Forest in our library.


The Thuringian Forest is the bikers paradise, to take your bike our mountainbike. There are a lot of beautifull biketracks and there is a special Rennsteig-Bike-Way from Eisenach to Hörschel. (190 km).

In Landferienhaus Linde we have bikingmaps and route descriptions to plan and guide your trips. If you don't want to bring your bike we can make reservations for you at the local City-Bike and Mountain-Bike rental.

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