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Winterpleasures in the Thuringian Forest

Snowshoe Hikes

Snowshoe hikes are the perfect nature experience for hikers, wanderers and nordic walkers. One can go on the maiden snow without sinking into, far away from the skislope hussle to enjoy nature and silence. Our halfday clinic teches young and old in notime how to snowshoe. On top of that you can join us uns halfday tours and daytrips.

Snowshoe Rental

We have an in-house snowshoe rental which provides you with modern higtech snowshoe equipment. All you need to bring is appropriate clothing and shoes.

When you have become so enthousiastic about snowshoeing that you want to have your own set, let us convince you with our try-before-you-buy system. We deduct the rental fee wheen you decide to buy your own snowshoe equipment.

Other Wintersport

Our environment offers a variety of crfosscountry skitrails. Within a couple of miles you reach the Skislopes with Lifts of the villages Frauenwald, Heubach, Schnett and Masserberg. Here you can ski downhill or practice snowboarding.

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